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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi:Supporting WHO is Supporting Multilateralism


On 18 April, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone call with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Wang said that I am calling you to convey the firm support of the Chinese government and people to WHO. I believe the international community and people across the world can tell right from wrong. At this critical juncture of the global campaign against COVID-19, supporting WHO and the Director-General is to defend the concept and principle of multilateralism, uphold the standing and role of the United Nations and safeguard international solidarity in the battle against the disease. You were elected to office with overwhelming support and have the trust of WHO member states. As the first Director-General from a developing country and, in particular, the African continent, your election is a big step forward in the progress of humanity. Since taking office, you have dedicated yourself to the cause of global public health and accomplished a tremendous amount of creative work, which have won high acclaims from all sides.

Wang underscored that the fight against COVID-19 requires WHO to continue playing its mandated and important role. The groundless attacks against WHO and the coercive pressure campaign will find no support from any country with conscience. Given the threat of this infectious disease, WHO is needed more than ever by people of all countries to save lives and eliminate the virus. I am confident that under the leadership of the Director-General, WHO will continue to coordinate the global campaign against COVID-19 with professionalism and guided by science. China highly values the position and role of WHO, and stands ready to increase support for the organization through various channels while carrying forward existing cooperation.

Wang stressed that President Xi Jinping had stated on many occasions that the virus is a common enemy of humanity, and can only be defeated by countries working together. China will strengthen unity and cooperation with all members of the international community in fighting COVID-19 until the virus is wiped out from our world.

Tedros thanked China for its sustained and firm support to WHO, and echoed the point that to support WHO is to defend multilateralism. The world is at a critical moment of a global pandemic. As the virus respects no borders, it is crucial for the international community to strengthen solidarity. Only through united efforts, can mankind stop the spread of the virus. If the international community is divided, the virus will exploit the crack and spread faster, stay longer, and claim more lives.

Tedros said that although WHO and himself have been attacked and abused, he will continue to focus on truth and do the right thing. Truth will eventually come out and history will make a fair judgment.

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